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Faculty of Architecture; by origin founded in 1963 in Buca and it is based on Ege Özel Mimarlık Mühendislik  Yüksekokulu (Agean Private Architect Engineering School) in İzmir,which was the first to give architecture education . Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Architecture was founded in 1992. In 1971, with 12 architecture students, the institution started undergraduate education, from that day to the present, it has been structured within the framework of various institutional and legal formations. The architecture and urban planning departments of the faculty which started as bachelor of architecture in 1971  improved its education in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in urban planning  have taken part in the formation of different faculties. From the past to the present, the important milestones  in the development of the faculty could be summarized as Ege University Engineering Faculty of Sciences Academy of Engineering and Architecture (1971), Ege University  Faculty of  Fine Arts (1975), Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Dokuz Eylül University (1982),  Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Architecture (1992). After 23 years of education in its building in Alsancak, in 2004, the faculty continued education in the faculty building in Tınaztepe. As of the 2020-2021 academic year, the total number of students at the faculty is 1,168, the total number of academic staff is 79, the number of administrative employees is 16


The mission of the Faculty of Architecture is to maintain the reputation it has on a national scale and to promote it internationally, which society needs in order to ensure urban and spatial development aimed at meeting living conditions, committed to ethical values, having a universal perspective, and to be able to contribute to the the country world culture with the language of design, to ensure that the importance given to design and planning in society is observed, to develop livable environments with contemporary approaches in designing, sensitive to the physical and natural environment, aware of its cultural background, social, economic and spatial who can produce alternative solutions by deciphering the problems correctly, who can observe the balance and harmony between culture and nature, who has an awareness of original design and social to educate architects and urban planners who have sensitivity, gained the ability to think decisively, are investigative, creative, innovative, able to think in a contemporary way.

The educational programs of our departments are based on the educational principles stipulated by boards such as UIA (International Union of Architects) AESOP (European Association of Planning Schools), local and it is shaped by adding our cultural characteristics. The goal of the education given at our faculty is to train a good architect or a good urban planner, as well as to be Ataturkist, secular and  free. Also, it is aimed at raising thoughtful, sensitive to social problems, caring more about the interests of society than their own interests, honest professional people.

By giving equal value to education and research, creating a variety of courses in undergraduate and graduate education, developing an interdisciplinary educational model and by providing resources for research that will contribute to science, closely following the developing world technology to improve the quality of education, by carrying out joint projects with reputable educational institutions at home and abroad, supporting the exchange of students and academic personnel with these institutions, stakeholders, the faculty aims to become an educational and research institution known for its reputation at the national and international levels by developing joint projects with public organizations.


15 Design Studios, 2 Laboratories, 1 Technical Workshop, Dokuz Eylül Daydream Workshop, Conference Hall

FEATURED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Erasmus+ and Farabi Exchange Programs


The main objective of the Department of Architecture is to provide students with basic knowledge and skills that they can use in every field of architecture, to educate architects who have adopted the principle of lifelong learning. In this context, with universal thought and ethical values it is aimed to educate architects who have the ability to think critically, contribute to the culture of the country and the world in their field, interprete social, economic and economic problems correctly, follow the requirements. In the department, in terms of education, the goal is to create the environment for intellectual actions such as learning at the maximum level, getting acquainted and producing knowledge. While performing these, it educates  students with an approach that is responsible not only to the customer, but also to the society, and enabling them to comprehend both the whole and the detail as well as  thinking and designing independently.  Therefore, it is aimed to educate designers who have a versatile student / professional person / researcher profile, are creative, can produce suggestions, can think critically, have broad perspectives, know how to use today’s technical possibilities.

The Department of Architecture continues its undergraduate education and academic studies effectively through the Departments of Building Information, Structure Information, Restoration, Architectural History.  As of the 2021-2022 semester, in the university preference score ranking the department ranks 8th among the architecture departments of state universities that provide education in Turkish and English.

Education is given in 100% Turkish language in the Department of Architecture. Education and training are carried out with the course passing system. The relative grade evaluation system is applied.


Graduates of the Department of Architecture are able to find a wide range of jobs in both the  private sector and the public sector. While the graduates are employed in architectural bureaus, construction companies, construction sites, consultancy ,audit companies or foreign organizations in private sector, they can work in various institutions such as municipalities, the Special Administration, the Directorate of Foundations, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in public sector. Due to the fact that architecture is a wide field of study and our graduates are preferred, our employees usually do not have problems with employment.


The Department of City and Regional Planning aims to take an active role in social segments and the scientific world with its evaluations of the current economic, social and spatial functioning and the alternative solution forms it proposes. The department aims to train city planners who are sensitive to nature, social and cultural processes and professional ethical values and the different scale of the urban planning process, and also who have sufficient knowledge, skills and technical equipment for their level and scope, it aims to contribute to the formation of high quality of life environments for all segments of society through it. As of the 2021-2022 term, the department is ranked 11th according to the university preference score,  among the cities that provide education throughout the country and among the regional planning departments. Education is given in 100% Turkish language at the Department of City and Regional Planning. Education is performed with the course passing system . The relative grade evaluation system is applied.


Students who graduate from the Department of City and Regional Planning have the opportunity of finding jobs in local municipalities which are responsible for producing and implementing a “Zoning Plan” , the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Transport Maritime and Public institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Communications, Provincial Bank and the Ministry of Development, provincial organizations private city planning offices where zoning plans, revisions and renovations are produced by tender methods, in both the public sector and the private sector, including real estate valuation.

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