Mission & Vision



The mission of the Faculty of Architecture of Dokuz Eylul University which is to maintain and to make known the deeply rooted history of Aegean Region –where it is located- in national ana international scale; to educate architects and city planners who will promote the living conditions of the community to meet the needs of urban and spatial organization based on ethical values and universal ideas in order to contribute to country’s ana world culture by the design language ana to develop contemporary approaches by designing livable environments while protecting the importance of design ana planning in society and be sensitive to physical ana natural environments, to be aware of cultural accumulation and to be able to produce alternative solutions by comprehending social, economic and spatial problems properly ana to be capable of taking care of the balance and harmony between culture and nature and to have original design consciousness ana social sensitivity and to be equipped with the ability of inter-disciplinary thinking besides inquisitive, creative, innovative ana contemporary thinking.



The education of architectural design and city planning is a kind of education where each student can produce different solutions in parallel with his/her background and ability. Imagination in three dimensions and ability of creativity are very important where cultural/local/vernacular values should also be considered in the proposed design. Due to the reality of impossibility to design without the synthesis of universal, global, national and local values, the education programs of our departments are being formed according to the principles of the institutes like UIA, AESOP and our local and cultural characteristics. In addition to that, our departments are in direct co-operation with other national departments due to the adaptation processes of BOLOGNA criteria.The education given in our faculty aims not only to graduate well educated architects or city planners, but also to educate honest professionals who have adopted Atatürk’s principles and secularity and also who are sensitive to social problems, paying more respect to the benefits of the society than their own interests.



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