Location and Transportation


Faculty of Architecture was located in Alsancak between years 1992-2004. In 2004, the faculty moved to its new building having 14.000m2 usable area at Buca Tınaztepe Campus. The new faculty building has 14 Studios, 13 Lecture Rooms,  2 Computer Labs, 1 Model Making Lab, 4 Atelier, 1 Cafeteria and 1 Conference Hall with the capacity of 250 people. In the campus area; Central Library,  Sports Center, Elementary School, Health Services for Medical Care, Hostel for Research Assistants, students Activity Center and a variety of restaurants can be counted among many other social facilities.


Buca Tınaztepe Campus is located on the Buca exit of the Aydın highway and is aproximately 15 km. away from the city center. Transportation is provided by the municipality buses and also by the special services for the staff. The city bus lines which connect the campus to the city center and to other various districts are being expanded every year and reached to 16 city bus lines in 2014.

Bus No. Route
104 Tınaztepe-Konak
171 Tınaztepe-Konak
176 Tınaztepe-Demirciköy
177 Tınaztepe-Kaynaklar
277 Tınaztepe-Otogar
290 Tınaztepe-Bostanlı
353 Tınaztepe-Gaziemir
390 Tınaztepe-Bornova
412 Tınaztepe-Yerleşke
465 Tınaztepe-Konak
476 Tınaztepe-Şirinyer
490 Tınaztepe-Üçyol
671 Tınaztepe-F.Altay
676 Tınaztepe-Şirinyer
690 Tınaztepe-F.Altay
878 Tınaztepe-Şirinyer













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