Educational Activities


Educational Activities of The Department

The major goal of undergraduate and postgraduate level studies is to educate architects and qualified individuals, sensitive to mankind, nature and cultural processes, having professional knowledge, skills, and ethics.

The educational goals of the Department are to educate architects, who:

  • Are skilled to ask questions and do research,
  • Know how to comprehend and re-produce knowledge through experience,
  • Are capable of using technology in reaching and re-producing knowledge,
  • Can build up dialogue with other disciplines related,
  • Can adequately recognise the social, economical, political and cultural aspects constituting the structural dynamics of the society in order to interpret their reflections upon physical space,
  • Take responsibility over the existing architectural problems of the country and propose alternative solutions,
  • Are qualified in terms of drawing as well as oral and written expression techniques of architecture and are acquainted with the existing tools and language of architecture, yet whenever needed, who can define new goals and can search for new tools to adopt.

In our Department, education is offered in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In the undergraduate level, the total of eight semesters of architectural design courses cover abstract problems introducing the basic concepts of architecture and technical methods of architectural expression evolving to problems of spatial compositions of multifunctional building complexes in settings with natural, cultural, historical and urban characteristics.

Architectural Design Studios :

 1stYear : 

Arch 1101: Primary concepts of architecture, techniques of analysis and synthesis, single-functioned simple design problems.

Arch 1103: Abstract design problems / Form studies.

2nd Year:   

Arch 2201: Environment, site and climate correlated simple-functioned single building design.

Arch 2202: Single / social housing settlements for variant users.

3rd Year:   

Arch 3301: Spatial organisation of building groups of some complexity in natural, cultural, historical settings.

Arch 3302: Spatial organisation of functionally complicated building types regarding technological problems and environmental concerns in an urban setting.

4th Year:   

Arch 4401: Analysis of multi-functional and multi-storey building complexes in urban settings.

Arch 4402: Complicated design studies regarding spatial interrelations, environment and structure to render a synthesis of all design levels.

Post-graduate study is conducted in Architecture Chief Science Division under three subdivisions of Building Science, Construction Science and Restoration. Post-graduate study has two fundamental aims. First is to let individuals acquire a talent in scientific research to attain, evaluate and interpret knowledge.

Hence, qualified individuals wouldl take positions in the academic field in future. Second aim is the development of knowledge and professional skills for those taking positions in the state institutions or offices as designers.

Research Activities of the Department:

Research, as one of the primary goals of the Department, is carried out with;

  • Thesis studies
  • Personal research
  • Group-based research projects and
  • Revolving Funds Design Projects’ practices of the academic staff.

Priority is given to researches related with the city of Izmir, Aegean region and Turkey, elaborated both by academic staff and the post-graduate students. Theoretical studies are also performed regarding the contemporary problems of architecture.

To achieve a bond between architectural education and architectural practice, during the period starting with the first year to graduation, site practice, survey practice and office practice is compulsory.

Furthermore, Dokuz Eylul University Buca Tınaztepe Campus Settlement, Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine and Facilities, Ege Menderes Housing Cooperative Landscape Design, Sart University Campus Settlement Plan, Adnan Menderes University Presidency Hospital Settlement Plan, Adnan Menderes University Nursery, Izmir City Private Administrative Management Facility Project, Denizli Cardiology Central Hospital Project, Presidency of Işık University Campus Settlement plan, Bornova Murat Mansion House Survey, Restitution and Restoration projects, Kismet Han Survey, Restitution and Renovation projects, Alsancak Renovation project, Dr. Behçet Uz Infant Health-Care Hospital Façade Renovation and landscape design projects have been fulfilled by the rolling fund of the Department.

There are many of master and doctorate theses based on researchs in the Department. Doctorate and master thesis are recommended to be Research Projects and on acceptance, can be supported by the Rectorship of Dokuz Eylul University.

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