Basic Field of Interest


Fundamental Domains of Interest

Architecture is one of the highest priority needs of humanity. The spatial arrangements which turn into people’s living environments require constant designing of necessary actions. From the smallest to the largest, the arrangement, design, production, control and organization of these spaces where the considered actions take place; the expression of cultural continuum, and new contributions to these expressions comprise Architecture’s fundamental domains of interest and knowledge.

Architecture is an interdisciplinary field which has roots in aesthetics, individual-collective relationship psychology, politics and history. It is a discipline focused on to make life easier for people; providing necessary actions such as dwelling, entertainment, resting, working. In other words, the fundamental domain of interest of Architecture is life itself.

The Department of Architecture aims to participate in the process of the making of original and high quality design products of all scales, by educating designers and researchers for the design of the built environment within the scope of the fundamental domains of interest of Architecture.


Our Department resides in a scientific field which contributes in the making of essential requirements in real life such as arrangement, organization, designing and production of spatial inputs.

Founded in 1971, with its well established academic environment, it is the first state institution providing architecture education in the Aegean region.

Our main purpose is to educate professionals and researchers in this field in order to participate in the production of original and high quality design products of all scales.

The university examination scores of students who enter our department being usually higher than those of other similar departments is an evidence of favorable preference to our department. Having high quality students also increases the quality of education of our department.

The core of architectural education is the “studios”. Therefore, “design/project courses” have significant presence in the curriculum and other courses are designed to support the core courses.

Additionally, our department provides essential technical knowledge necessary in practical implementations during the undergraduate education.

Hence, during the course of education, building survey, site, office and field survey practices are also exercised in order to establish a working relationship between education and practice, so to prevent the students from involving in too much theoretical study and detaching from occupational reality. 

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