Mission & Vision


Architecture pertains to life in every dimension, aspect and stage. Hence, architectural education acquires a fundamental role in the production and practice of architecture that will bear and sustain life by all means. Within such context, the principal goal of the Department is to educate professionals and researchers focusing on the design of the built-environment and hence, to contribute to the promotion of qualitatively higher and original design works in every scale in Turkey. The aim of the architectural education of our Department is to provide a media for learning, acquirement and reflection at maximum level and to promote a conscience of responsibility addressing primarily not to the client but to the community, yet, free in cognition and design and capable to comprehend the whole and its details simultaneously. Hence, educational initiatives of our Department intend individuals with various interests as students, professionals and researchers who are creative, proffering, thinking critically, comprehensive and capable of using modernday technologies. Students are encouraged to studies in architecture that are correlated with conceptual, cultural, social and economical values rather than a merely formalistic approach.











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